Enabling Leadership and Business Evolution

01/15/2016 05:49PM

To request Glenn Llopis to speak at your next event, please contact Sandy Sickler, Director of Client Relations at sandy@glennllopisgroup.com or call 949-842-6204.


It will take great leadership to keep organizations on the right path and continuously improving and evolving with the rapidly changing workplace and marketplace. Leadership must think differently to act courageously upon the burning platforms that are reinventing industries in the 21st century. Leaders must also be change agents who are not afraid to get uncomfortable and take ownership when it comes to creating the next big thing for their business, people and industry to evolve.

Courageous leaders will hold themselves accountable to communicate with transparency and act with authenticity as they serve as change agents and innovators to help the company and its people grow and achieve its goals. Now is the time to resolve to take ownership of the burning platforms that are clearly putting our companies at risk, and start creating workplace cultures by design, not by accident.

Below is a list of Keynotes that Mr. Llopis is prepared to deliver and bring to life at your organization as you seek the right path for your leadership and your business to evolve:

1.    Preparing U.S. Leadership for the Seismic Cultural Demographic Shift

2.    Develop Your Personal Brand as a Leader

3.    Awakening the Hispanic Factor

4.    21st Century Leadership and Seizing Opportunity in the New Marketplace

5.    Fostering a Winning Mindset: Building a Culture for Growth

6.    Team Building During Times of Uncertainty and Change

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