Courageously Changing the Conversation Together

01/15/2016 05:53PM

Leadership is a constant fight for what you stand for and what you seek to achieve for the betterment of a healthier whole. Leadership is about putting yourself to the test; knowing how much you can stretch your thinking and that of your colleagues, challenging your core beliefs during times of uncertainty, and staying true to yourself when the pressure seems insurmountable. As a leader, it’s about having the wisdom to know what your experiences have taught you. Leadership is a fight to be yourself as your authenticity is constantly challenged. 

It is our responsibility as leaders to build upon the legacies of the past and empower others through our hard-earned wisdom so that they too can withstand the test of time. Your courage as a leader is measured not only by the path you create for yourself, but by the wisdom you share to benefit others. Leadership is about teaching others how to be courageous themselves – to fight through the uncertainties in business and in life with perspectives they can relate to from the past and that most importantly will see them through to reach the end game. 

Let’s be courageous and start changing the conversation together at one of the following GLG Summits:

1.    Solving for the Hispanic Pipeline / Workforce Development Gap in Healthcare

2.   The Innovation Humanity Summit

3.    Cultural Demographic Shift™ Summit

4.    Leadership Forum

 If you are interested in hosting a Summit or Forum to strengthen your leadership and business evolution, GLG can help you design a high-impact experience to ensure tangible outcomes. Please contact Sandy Sickler at or call 949-842-6204.