Master the four skills to become an Opportunity Expert.

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  1. See Opportunities That Others Don’t
    • Introduction to the 4 Opportunity Mastery Skills
    • Seeing Opportunities With a Circular Vision
    • Environment 1: Broaden Your Observation in Conversations
    • Environment 2: Broaden Your Observation in Adverse Circumstances
    • Lessons From the Underground
    • Seeing Well as Preparation for Sowing Well
    • Case Study Profile: Amazon
  2. Know When to Take Action
    • Sowing Seeds With Extensive Innovation
    • Sowing and Reaping Opportunities
    • The Fate of Only Seeing or Only Sowing
    • Sowing Entrepreneurial Seeds Rightly
    • Two Ingredients of Successful Sowing
    • The Final Ingredient
    • Case Study Profile: Costco
  3. Keep Focused and Build Momentum
    • Growing the Seeds of Greatest Potential
    • Growth Through Focus: Two Rules
    • The Fundamental Hierarchy of Focus
    • The Flexible Hierarchy of Focus: Three Tiers
    • The Seeds of Most Consistent Return
    • Case Study Profile: Google
  4. Share and Discover More Success
    • Sharing Success with a Generous Purpose
    • The Momentum of Giving It Away
    • Impacting the Head or the Heart
    • The Security of Good Fortune
    • Collaboration is the Key
    • Become a Serendipiter: The 4 Principles of Workplace Momentum
    • The Initiator vs. the Serendipiter: 3 Differences
    • Case Study Profile: IKEA
    • Bonus Chapter: Leaping Ahead
    • Workplace Serendipity Quiz