What does The Innovation Mentality solve for?

  • Driving sustainable growth by being more diverse in your thinking
  • Seeing beyond the obvious opportunities to create distinction
  • Discovering your full potential and where you best fit
  • Avoiding the traps of complacency and learning to take ownership
  • Identifying and closing performance gaps to remain relevant
  • Avoiding unknowingly creating tension and thriving in a wisdom-based economy

The Innovation Mentality

Six Strategies to Disrupt the Status Quo and Reinvent the Way We Work

The Innovation Mentality by Glenn Llopis reveals the alarming leadership identity crisis that has developed at companies of all sizes and across all industries nationwide that has created dysfunctional, tension-fueled workplaces and made it difficult to drive sustainable growth. These companies are solving for the wrong opportunities, widening productivity gaps, and unknowingly creating tension with and weakening the potential of their increasingly diverse and multigenerational workforce. They are dismantling the evolution of business growth as they simultaneously elevate the risk profile of the global economy.

The Innovation Mentality puts a stop to all that. Its six strategies compel leaders to have the wisdom and courage to develop a new mindset that breaks free from the templates of old and to renew and reinvent the ways we work. The book shows leaders how business today has become less about the business defining the individual and more about the individual defining the business and what kind of leadership that requires. It forces leaders to be more vulnerable and intimate with people in the workplace and marketplace who have lost trust in and respect for those businesses and brands and have grown frustrated with how they are mismanaging opportunities. It enables leaders to embrace the intellectual capital that lies within the workforce and see diversity and inclusion as a profit center to create change and the future America needs.

The Innovation Mentality is a transformational journey – an urgent call-to-action that will guide leaders and their organizations on how to immediately apply evolutionary thinking, strengthen their wisdom, achieve significance, embolden business models, and reinvent the workplace to create and sustain real competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Reclaim your identity by breaking free from the one-size-fits-all templates and have the wisdom and courage to help you and your business, brand, and employees evolve from the fear of change. It’s time to embrace The Innovation Mentality.

Embrace The Innovation Mentality and learn to . . .

    • Avoid the traps of complacency by seeing beyond the obvious
    • Identify and close opportunity gaps by discovering like-mindedness in differences
    • Activate your full potential and that of others
    • Drive growth through the Cultural Demographic Shift and beyond
    • Enable your wisdom by embracing diversity of thought

      The Video

      The Framework

      Marketplace growth and business evolution require leaders to immediately identify and close opportunity gaps by activating and leveraging the full potential of their workplace culture, employees, teams, partnerships, and client and consumer relationships. Growth and evolution requires leaders to take ownership of a new mindset: The Innovation Mentality.

      Do you Embrace the Six Characteristics of The Innovation Mentality?

      By applying The Innovation Mentality Framework, you will be able to:

      • See opportunity in everything through circular vision
      • Anticipate the unexpected so circumstances never force your hand
      • Courageously explore endless possibilities through adversity
      • Invest in relationships with purpose and strategic focus
      • Strengthen competencies by discovering like-mindedness through differences
      • Lead to leave a legacy of significance and sustain success



        "Llopis approaches business issues of diversity, leadership, and innovation from a fresh perspective and has crafted a book that is both inspirational and highly applicable. The Innovation Mentality is a must read for anyone who wants to leverage rapid demographic shifts in the workplace and marketplace to achieve personal and professional success."

        Taylor Flake, Vice President, Human Resources Global Groups at PepsiCo

        "Our evolution and growth as a business is founded on an unwavering commitment to putting people, Customers, and associates at the center of what we do. The six strategies in The Innovation Mentality elevate and strengthen our core values by reinforcing the importance of creating environments where authenticity is encouraged and deeply valued."

        Gisel Ruiz, Executive Vice President, International People Division at Walmart

        The Innovation Mentality clearly identifies how diversity of thought drives people and business to grow and evolve together. Llopis guides organizations to renew and reinvent how they lead to establish competitive advantage in today s fiercely competitive marketplaces. 

        David L. Casey, Vice President, Workforce Strategies and Chief Diversity Officer at CVS Health

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