What is the Immigrant Mentality Advantage?

Do you have it? Can you get it?

Glenn Llopis Group is the only organization that helps individuals and businesses embrace the importance of culture – to serve today's rapidly changing demographic landscape into the development of leaders and new marketplace opportunities. We help corporate leaders in the workplace embrace their inherent cultural values and apply them to how they think, act and innovate. And we show organizations how and why they must establish new ways to earn trust with the increasingly diverse employees they lead and consumers they serve - essential for new business growth and innovation.

As organizations rebound economically, business leaders are learning how to reinvent themselves by watching developing countries. Like these emerging economies, they must be more entrepreneurial in their mindset. They must learn to unlock new opportunities for their businesses by engaging authentically with the changing face of consumers, building relationships where cultural differences are embraced, and giving voice to consumer groups who can influence brands and drive business growth.

It's time for leaders in the workplace to enable their immigrant mentality and recognize that their cultural roots provide unique and sustainable sources of strength that can empower their leadership and business development. We must unlearn our linear way of thinking, and rewire ourselves to see with circular vision and live all of our authentic values in the workplace. To compete and succeed in the global marketplace, we must embrace the immigrant mentality of survival, renewal and reinvention.


The Immigrant Perspective on Business Leadership

By Glenn Llopis, October 2011

White Paper The Immigrant Perspective on Business Leadership

The workplace and business landscape has changed, becoming rapidly more diverse and global, and American business leadership is not moving fast enough to catch up. In fact, leadership in America's corporations is losing its impact and influence to perform in this changing terrain. As a result, U.S. businesses risk falling further behind in marketplaces around the world. Many of the dimensions of the changing competitive landscape are well known – the varying cost of labor, the shift of manufacturing overseas, the exploding economies of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries – but what is less well understood is the role that diversity plays in both the marketplace and in the competitive advantages BRIC companies and others enjoy. It is not enough to meet the numbers in terms of workforce diversity and to pursue ethnic product differentiation, as many U. S. companies have done. Diversity – more broadly defined and better understood in the U. S. as the immigrant perspective – holds the keys to unlocking business growth and innovation in the next decade and beyond. Companies that develop an immigrant perspective will dominate their marketplaces in the years to come.

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