7:00am - Registration, Breakfast & Networking

Obtain your name badge, breakout session tracks and pre-assessment results

7:45am: Special Opening Performance

The Rhythm of Change Management

8:00am - Welcome & Opening Remarks

What Does the Cultural Demographic Shift Mean to Your Business? What are we Solving For?

8:30am - Roundtable

How the Cultural Demographic Shift Fueled Business Innovation for Entrepreneurs that Corporations Didn’t See

9:30 am - Break

Refreshments and Networking

9:40am - Roundtable

The Cultural Shift is Changing the Business of Healthcare

10:40am - Roundtable

What will the 21st Century Workplace Look Like and how will the Cultural Shift Influence its Performance and Senior Leadership?

11:30: Breakouts (Group-Think)

Operationalize the Shift (Part 1)

12:00pm - Plenary

Breakout Findings Revealed

12:30 Lunch

Keynote and Networking

2:00pm - Keynote & Roundtable

What Analysts Should Be Saying - With Urgency About the Cultural Demographic Shift

3:00pm - Break

Refreshments and Networking

3:10pm - Roundtable

Capturing America’s New Consumer Demographic Will Require More Than a Total Market Strategy

4:00pm - Breakouts (Group-Think)

Operationalize the Shift (Part 2)

4:20pm - Plenary

Breakout Findings Revealed

4:40pm - Closing Remarks

Apply Learnings into Action

5:30pm - Adjourned

Break before Networking Reception

6:00pm - Reception

Networking Reception

About the Author

Executive Summit Agenda

Topics for Discussion and Networking

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June 11, 2015: Marriott Hotel, Irvine, CA

Summit Objective

The primary objective of this 1-day Executive Summit is to provide C-suite and senior executives the strategic intel/insights to drive growth and create a distinct competitive advantage for their organizations and brands in support of the cultural demographic shift. To accomplish this objective, this will include rich dialogue and the sharing of best practices that will stem from the following three (3) primary areas - via keynotes, roundtables and interactive breakout sessions:

• Workplace/Workforce

• Strategic Partners/Supply Chain

• Marketplace/Consumers

Join a transformational conversation and learn how to:

• Identify opportunity gaps and convert them into incremental revenue

• Operationalize the shift in support of your business model and its specific needs

• Maximize engagement and the performance of your employees, brands and external partnerships

• And much more!



Discussion Themes

In support of the aforementioned (3) primary areas of content, the following core topics of discussion will be highlighted to accomplish Summit objectives and further stimulate collaborative dialogue and group-think.

Change Management

At its core, the cultural demographic shift is all about change management and the influence it has on corporate business models by learning how to create the ideal ecosystem to maximize the full potential and performance of the enterprise.

Disrupting Growth

Companies across all industries and functional areas are unknowingly creating tension with employees, clients, strategic partners and consumers because they lack the know-how to most authentically engage with them.

Embrace Differences

Embrace differences in people to drive new ways of thinking that propel creativity, innovation and initiative. The cultural demographic shift and the unique intellectual capital that goes with it is the new currency for business growth.

Strategic Implications

Leaders must now consider the strategic implications of cross-cultural intelligence, diversity of thought and the rapidly evolving insights from the changing face of America’s new workforce, strategic partners and consumers.

Create Distinction

Stop mimicking what others are doing to serve the shift and commit to understand what it means to help you grow your business. Don't wait; activate thought leadership through the sharing and creation of best practices.

Enabling Growth

Companies who have the right intelligence and best practices to “operationalize” and lead the shift will win the war on diverse talent, help strengthen strategic partnerships and the trust and loyalty of the new American consumer. Ignore the shift and run the risk of losing your competitive advantage.