GLLG was engaged by the CVS Health Inventory Management Department of 150 employees to create inclusive leaders by transforming how they influence others. The content of this training program was based on Glenn’s book The Innovation Mentality.

Their goal was to acquire the skills and strategies to be an inclusive leader that:

  • embrace transformation and change management
  • authenticity and agility
  • corporate social responsibility and sustainability
  • innovation and creativity
  • diversity of thought
  • courageous thinking in a highly collaborative environment.


The impact and influence of each leader and their team’s contributions reverberated throughout the organization – and set the standard for leadership excellence across the enterprise.

Through group-think situational analyses, case studies and pre-work assessments, participants:

  • Learned the six strategies of The Innovation Mentality and how to most effectively see and seize opportunities in the new workplace to drive growth and cost efficiencies in the marketplace.
  • Aligned their leadership role and responsibilities to more authentically amplify and create greater impact and influence through their own areas of responsibility and the entire department.
  • Learned the four skills to elevate team performance that embraces diversity of thought and created a department culture that fosters innovation and initiative.
  • Awakened their full potential by discovering their most authentic leadership identity and how to most effectively leverage it to create powerful networks and ecosystems (internally and externally).
  • Became market-driven leaders that can anticipate crisis and manage change before circumstances force their hand. Participants embraced a new leadership mindset based on 8 critical realities of the new marketplace.
  • Learned how to think of their employees as an innovation lab to maximize employee engagement, increase talent retention, and foster an environment of career advancement.
william sterling

“Because of GLLG's teachings, we, as a team of Senior Directors, were able to accept the departure of our admired and respected VP with a transition of ease because we now have the understanding to develop and leverage our leadership identity to build momentum and create more influence. There was a belief among us that without employing GLLG's methodology, this transition may have been met with chaos and uncertainty.”

William Sterling

Senior Director - CVS Health

Navigating Uncertainty Summit October 14 | Clemson University