Move People to the Center of Your Growth Strategies

An Inc. Magazine Top 100 Business Speaker and Thinker, Glenn Llopis doesn’t offer “off the shelf” leadership development keynotes. He works closely with clients to define the most relevant topics in corporate leadership and how GLLG can address them for your team. From Rebuilding Trust to Preparing Leaders for the Cultural Demographic Shift, Glenn has delivered thousands of keynotes to Fortune 500 and mid-market organizations.


Learn What You Are Solving For

Work with GLLG to define the content strategy that will allow audiences to influence the evolution of inclusion and embrace it as an opportunity for growth.


Apply The Innovation Mentality Framework

Disrupt the status quo using The Innovation Mentality Framework’s six strategies. You’ll understand how to leverage the functional components of inclusion by moving it where it belongs: at the center of an organization’s corporate strategy and transformation.


Reap Enterprise-Wide Benefits

Discover like-mindedness in people through their differences. Move all people to the center of your growth strategies by identifying the full potential of your teams, partnerships, and client relationships.

jorge caballero deloitte

“We need time-sensitive and people-sensitive leadership strategies to drive growth in more diverse workplaces and marketplaces. GLLG’s breakthrough methodology provides that and reminds us that inclusive leadership must have intimacy with both the people and the businesses that we lead and serve.”

Jorge Caballero

Senior Tax Partner at Deloitte Tax

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