Go Beyond Diversity — Inclusion Strategies That Drive Innovation in the Workplace and Growth in the Marketplace

Our Summits are one-day intensive strategic forums designed to help leaders and organizations engage and drive change through the Cultural Demographic Shift™.


Define the Opportunity Gaps

Assess the needs of the divisions, organizations, and/or industry. GLLG works with the host organization(s) to understand how diversity and inclusion initiatives are currently being implemented. This lets GLLG focus on the most promising opportunities for solutions.


Design and Operationalize the Solution

Applying The Innovation Mentality Framework, GLLG constructs a summit designed to drive growth for that organization/industry through the Cultural Demographic Shift. Your custom solution will serve the distinct needs of all populations to influence growth strategies faster, fuel higher-performance workplace environments, and strengthen corporate culture to activate departments throughout the entire organization.


Experience a Customized Summit Program

Create a well-defined solution by defining the desired outcomes. Determine metrics to accelerate growth strategies while contributing to the growth of others, both within and outside of the organization/industry.

images gisel ruiz

“Our evolution and growth as a business is founded on an unwavering commitment to putting people, customers, and associates at the center of what we do. The six strategies in The Innovation Mentality elevate and strengthen our core values by reinforcing the importance of creating environments where authenticity is encouraged and deeply valued.”

Gisel Ruiz

Executive Vice President, International People Division at Walmart

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