Learn the six strategies to influence more as an Inclusive Leader.


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Course Review

  1. Move from Substitution to Evolution

      This course will help you recognize how to create true evolution by introducing you to the Innovation Mentality – an ecosystem of six strategies to disrupt the status quo and drive growth for you as an individual and for your organization.

    • 1. GLLG Inclusive Mindset 101: introduction to The Innovation Mentality
    • 2. The difference between Substitution and Evolution – Why it matters
    • 3. Introducing the 6 Strategies of The Innovation Mentality
    • 4. The importance of Courageous Leadership
  2. The 6 Innovation Strategies in Depth

      In this course, we’ll dive deep into each of the six characteristics. You’ll see them in action, you’ll learn what kind of behaviors are associated with them, and you’ll get a chance to apply each one to your personal or professional life to help you put it use immediately.

    • 1. The Inspiration to See Opportunities in Everything
    • 2. The Flexibility to Anticipate the Unexpected
    • 3. The Freedom to Unleash your Passionate Pursuits
    • 4. The Room to Live with an Entrepreneurial Spirit
    • 5. The Trust to Work with a Generous Purpose
    • 6. The Respect to Lead to Leave a Legacy
  3. The 6 Innovation Strategies in Use

      In this course we’ll put the innovation mentality to use. You will learn how to recognize substitution mode when you’re stuck in it, and you will practice using the strategies to move from substitution to evolution.

    • 1. This is a Mindset – Develop a Balanced Proficiency
    • 2. Practice – Connection vs. Alignment
    • 3. Practice – Control vs. Influence
    • 4. Practice – Progress vs. Momentum
    • 5. Practice – Success vs. Significance
    • 6. Now You Have The Strategy to Create Change that Leads to Evolution

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