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Course Review

  1. Stand Out from the Crowd
    • You Must Trust Yourself to Make a Real Difference
    • Hard Work Is No Longer Enough: Five Things You Must Do For Your Career
    • The Power of Presence
    • Why Your Resume Is Becoming Extinct and What to Do About it
    • 6 Reasons Employees Must Speak-Up to Thrive
    • Shift Your Focus from Being Valuable to Being Responsible
  2. Networking Success Factors
    • Your Success Is Linked to 4 Types of People
    • Stop Procrastinating
    • Set a Career Strategy Now to Beat Your Competitors
    • How Self Promotion Harms Your Career
    • The Top 5 Career Investments
    • Regain Control of Your Identity in the Workplace
  3. Mastering Mentorship
    • The 5 Ways to Find Mentors and Make It Work
    • Your Attitude Will Determine Your Career
    • We Must Stop Being Recognition Addicts in the Workplace
    • Why Your Boss is Ineffective and How You Can Help
    • Stop Being Afraid of Your Career