Learn the six strategies to influence more as an Inclusive Leader.


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Course Review

  1. Be a 21st Century Leader
    • Introduction to the 21st Century Leader
    • 4 Vital Skills and Your 6 Natural Characteristics
    • Seeing Everything as an Opportunity (Case Study: Amazon)
    • Knowing Which Opportunities to Pursue (Case Study: Costco)
    • Making Opportunities Grow (Case Study: Google)
    • Sharing Opportunities That Matter Most (Case Study: IKEA)
    • Fulfilling Your Cultural Promise (Case Study: Thomas Edison)
  2. Influence Others and Their Success
    • Leadership Success Is No Longer Measured by Money or Power
    • The 4 Reasons Why Influence Is the New Job Currency
    • The 6 Personal Traits That Will Accelerate Your Influence at Work
    • The Power of Presence
    • How Would Others Define Your Leadership Legacy?
  3. Become a Thought Leader
    • Define and Manage Your Personal Brand
    • Manage Your Thought Leadership Profile
    • Writing and Speaking: Share Your Ideas and Experiences
    • Create a Blog and Activate Social Media Tools
    • Share Your Secrets and Build Trust
    • Cultivate Media Relationships
    • Control Your Google Identity and Relevancy
  4. Sustain Your Significance
    • Is Leadership Irrelevant?
    • The 6 Unique Ways to Sustain a High-Performance Mentality
    • Hidden Agendas Disrupt Business Growth and Leadership
    • The 7 Reasons Leaders Can’t Transfer Success to Other Organizations
    • How LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter Have Changed the ROI of Leadership