Most organizations are stuck in traditional leadership models that do not actually develop their teams. Even the most innovative companies still base their leadership approaches on outdated thinking.

Glenn Llopis Group is creating new strategies for success. By redefining traditional accountability metrics to transform workplaces, we are building genuine, inclusive environments based on trust and engagement.

"When it comes to our diverse, multigenerational workforce and customers, leaders have been solving for the wrong things far too long. The Innovation Mentality provides the wisdom to solve for the right things and guide companies of any size to seize one of the last remaining true bastions of growth opportunity."

Fred Diaz

President and CEO, Mitsubishi Motors North America

"The Innovation Mentality clearly identifies how diversity of thought drives people and business to grow and evolve together. GLLG guides organizations to renew and reinvent how they lead to establish competitive advantage in today’s fiercely competitive marketplaces."

David Casey

Vice President, Workforce Strategies and Chief Diversity Officer at CVS Health

"Our evolution and growth as a business is founded on an unwavering commitment to putting people, Customers, and associates at the center of what we do. The six strategies in The Innovation Mentality elevate and strengthen our core values by reinforcing the importance of creating environments where authenticity is encouraged and deeply valued."

Gisel Ruiz

Executive Vice President of Operations, Sam's Club

"Coming out of the GLLG leadership workshop, I’m amazed at how my mindset has changed. I’ve built confidence in knowing who I am as a leader and influencer, what I bring to the table and how to communicate my strengths to others. Transformational experience."

Jody Berenguer

Senior Sourcing Manager - Target Corporation

"Their experience in the corporate world and developing leadership development was a key component to the success of the Forum."

Mark Espinoza

Sr. Director Public Affairs – Walmart

"I had an unexpected and powerful experience through GLLG's leadership program. It was powerful in that, in a relatively short time, the program unlocked a significant well of human potential within me. It was unexpected in that I had not realized the depth of the power and potential that I had within all along. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to take part in this life changing program. I am more self-aware and make better use of my "internal toolkit" today than I ever have before."

Mary Jane Melendez

Executive Director, General Mills Foundation


Corporate strategies were not designed to handle mass variance in people.

Today’s new realities in the workplace and marketplace require us to better understand and appreciate non-traditional methods and perspectives as personalization forces us to reinvent the ways we think, work and lead.


October 9, 2019

Huntington Beach, CA