GLLG was engaged by City of Hope – a Cancer Research and Treatment Institution Dedicated to Innovation in Biomedical Research --- to design a change management strategy in support of Inclusive Leadership. The objective was to operationalize the Inclusive Leadership strategy across the enterprise of over 5000 employees - as City of Hope scales into a system-provider throughout Southern California. Over 66% of its patients represent shift populations.

The primary purpose for the engagement was to help City of Hope in its change management efforts to move from a fee for service to a value based business model. The goal was to increase the experience and overall delivery of care of shift population patients, close workforce representation gaps, elevate preventive care protocols – while moving inclusion to where it belongs – to the center of corporate strategy and transformation.

This change management consulting engagement featured this article that was co-authored by City of Hope President/CEO, Robert W. Stone and GLLG President, Glenn Llopis.

stone robert

“GLLG has identified a winning strategy for 21st century leadership: be forward thinking, embrace diversity of thought, and commit to strategically aligning the needs of your people, consumers and business.”

Robert W. Stone

President and CEO of City of Hope