GLLG was engaged by Bank of America to deliver a customized keynote and breakout sessions at their Inclusive Leadership Summit. The objective was to present to over 100+ senior leaders on the importance of creating inclusive cultures to drive innovation in the workplace that would translate into the marketplace.



Assimilation vs Authenticity

Organizations that build high performance leaders and teams focused on inclusion and the power of individuality grow and share more, evolve faster, and make their organizations healthy again. Unfortunately, diverse leaders too often battle the gulf between assimilation and authenticity – between what others want them to be rather than what they seek to be themselves. As a result, most businesses have stripped these leaders of their influence, leading to a leadership identity crisis that prevents the implementation of inclusive leadership as a growth strategy.

Leading Inclusively and Influencing More

The key to leading inclusively and influencing more is establishing relationships built on trust, but it’s impossible to establish trust if your people don’t know who you are and what you solve for because the business is defining you. This leadership identity crisis fuels an environment in which diverse leaders are not fully engaged and satisfied. They are misrepresented and misunderstood, and thus their full potential goes undiscovered or underutilized. This impacts growth in both the workplace and marketplace making it difficult for organizations to get out in front of the change and foster environments of innovation and transformation.

laura chapa

“After the presentation, I was sold. I heard nothing but great feedback from the participants on the value of Mr. Llopis’ presentation and what he had to say about The Innovation Mentality and the power of being our most authentic selves. I truly appreciate Mr. Llopis taking the time and listening to us after the presentation and while attending dinner.”

Laura Kathryn Chapa

Vice President - Bank of America

Navigating Uncertainty Summit October 14 | Clemson University