Find balance between the extremes: learn the 5 shifts to create a healthy culture.


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Course Review

  1. From Standardization to Personalization

      In this course Glenn Llopis will introduce you to this major shift from the age of standardization to the age of personalization, and the importance of finding our balance between the two.

    • 1. We've Entered an Age of Personalization
    • 2. How Do We Get There?
  2. The Necessary Shifts

      In this course we’ll dive deep into the difference between standardization and personalization – and the shifts we need to make in our quest to find balance between the two.

    • 1. From diversity to inclusion
    • 2. From tribal to human
    • 3. From brand identity to individual identities
    • 4. From mission to contribution
    • 5. From results to methods
  3. From Extremes to Balance

      Leadership in the age of personalization is not about replacing standardization and personalizing everything—that would be impossible, and lead to mass chaos. It’s about evolving what standardization does best, to serve personalization.

    • 1. Wall Street Alert: Companies Are Not Prepared (presented by Nik Modi, Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets)
    • 2. Achieve Balance
    • 3. Prepare for Resistance
    • 4. The Luxury of Time is Over

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