Master the four skills to become an Opportunity Expert.


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  1. See Opportunities That Others Don’t

      Opportunities are everywhere, but few have the power of observation to see them. Broaden your field of observation to see opportunities others don’t.

    • 1. GLLG Inclusive Mindset 101: introduction to Opportunity Management
    • 2. Introduction to the 4 Opportunity Mastery Skills
    • 3. Seeing Opportunities With a Circular Vision
    • 4. Lessons From the Underground
    • 5. Seeing Well as Preparation for Sowing Well
    • 6. Case Study Profile: Amazon
  2. Know When to Take Action

      Once you see an opportunity, proper timing and execution will help keep it alive. Learn how entrepreneurs think and opportunities take root.

    • 1. Sowing Seeds With Extensive Innovation
    • 2. Sowing and Reaping Opportunities
    • 3. The Fate of Only Seeing or Only Sowing
    • 4. Sowing Entrepreneurial Seeds Rightly
    • 5. Two Ingredients of Successful Sowing
    • 6. The Final Ingredient
    • 7. Case Study Profile: Costco
  3. Keep Focused and Build Momentum

      Opportunity does not equal growth. It’s up to you to build momentum by keeping strong but flexible focus. Learn to focus on results with the greatest potential.

    • 1. Growing the Seeds of Greatest Potential
    • 2. The Fundamental Hierarchy of Focus
    • 3. The Flexible Hierarchy of Focus: Three Tiers
    • 4. The Seeds of Most Consistent Return
    • 5. Case Study Profile: Google
  4. Share and Discover More

      Success not shared is sure to be short-lived. Learn 4 principles of workplace momentum and how to share your success to unlock even more opportunities.

    • 1. Sharing Success with a Generous Purpose
    • 2. The Momentum of Giving It Away
    • 3. Impacting the Head or the Heart
    • 4. The Security of Good Fortune
    • 5. Collaboration is the Key
    • 6. Become a Serendipiter: The 4 Principles of Workplace Momentum
    • 7. The Initiator vs. the Serendipiter: 3 Differences
    • 8. Case Study Profile: IKEA
    • 9. Bonus Chapter: Leaping Ahead


Corporate strategies were not designed to handle mass variance in people.

Today’s new realities in the workplace and marketplace require us to better understand and appreciate non-traditional methods and perspectives as personalization forces us to reinvent the ways we think, work and lead.