Master the four skills to become an Opportunity Expert.


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Course Review

  1. Learn How to Multiply Opportunity

      The fact is, opportunity takes management. And when you manage it well, you’re able to build momentum that generates even more opportunity for yourself and for others. With this training, you’ll develop the 4 skills that will help you multiply opportunity.

    • 1. Opportunity takes management
    • 2. Our goal is a balanced proficiency
    • 3. A new way to plot your own progress
  2. The 4 Skills in Depth

      The significance and impact of your work has more to do with the momentum of opportunities you pursue than anything else.In this course, we’ll dive deep into each of the four skills of opportunity management and learn how to master them.

    • 1. See – Around, beneath and beyond – in conversations
    • 2. See – Around, beneath and beyond – in adverse circumstances
    • 3. Sow – Proper timing
    • 4. Sow – Proper depth
    • 5. Grow – The rules of focus
    • 6. Grow – The hierarchy of focus
    • 7. Share – Build momentum for others
    • 8. Share – Become an Opportunity Expert
  3. The 4 Skills in Use

      In these last chapters, you will get a chance to practice the skills and learn how to identify opportunities especially suited to you based on what you solve for.

    • 1. Seize the Right Opportunities
    • 2. Putting the skills to use in personal scenarios
    • 3. Putting the skills to use in workplace scenarios
    • 4. Putting the skills to use in reactive scenarios
    • 5. Close with: YOU are your most immediate and ongoing opportunity

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