Welcome to the Age of Personalization.

Your employees and customers span multiple countries, languages, generations, cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds. Every one of your employees and customers is a unique mix of strengths, skills and expertise. Individuals are no longer inclined to hide their diversity or feel pressured to fit into the standardized version of mainstream. They want to influence the workplace and the marketplace in their own way.

Is your organization prepared?
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We help organizations build inclusive cultures as a strategy for growth:

Assess your organization’s readiness for inclusion and areas of greatest potential for growth

Develop the skill of inclusion among your leaders so it permeates the culture

Identify inclusion metrics that support your organization’s strategic priorities

Create the systems and behaviors needed to perpetuate inclusion and measure success

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Leadership in the Age of Personalization

An Inc. Magazine Top 100 Business Speaker and Thinker, Glenn Llopisworks closely with clients to define relevant topics to help drive growth by building inclusive leaders, teams and cultures. From Rebuilding Trust to Preparing Leaders for the Age of Personalization, Glenn has delivered thousands of keynotes to Fortune 500 and mid-market organizations.

  • Discover What You Solve For
  • Apply the Innovation Mentality Framework
  • Learn How to Deploy Inclusion as a Growth Strategy
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“We need time-sensitive and people-sensitive leadership strategies to drive growth in more diverse workplaces and marketplaces. GLLG’s breakthrough methodology provides that and reminds us that inclusive leadership must have intimacy with both the people and the businesses that we lead and serve.”

Jorge Caballero

Senior Tax Partner at Deloitte Tax

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A Methodical Approach to Building Inclusive Leaders, Teams and Cultures

Assessments. Gap analysis. Leadership training. Strategic plans. Success tracking. We use our assessments to identify where you can lead inclusion as a growth strategy, and then we help you create the culture to operationalize it for enterprise-wide impact.

  • Activate Individual Capacities
  • Develop Inclusive Leaders
  • Prepare Your Organization for the Future
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“GLLG has identified a winning strategy for 21st century leadership: be forward thinking, embrace diversity of thought, and commit to strategically aligning the needs of your people, consumers and business.”

Robert W. Stone

President and CEO of City of Hope

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Explore how the Age of Personalization impacts the future of your business.

Today’s new realities in the workplace and marketplace require us to better understand and appreciate non-traditional methods as personalization forces us to reinvent the ways we think, work and lead. Our summits are 1-day intensive strategic forums designed to help leaders and organizations evolve from standardization to personalization. 

  • Solve the Standardization Traps
  • Strengthen the Organization’s Culture
  • Set the Agenda in Your Industry
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“Our evolution and growth as a business is founded on an unwavering commitment to putting people, customers, and associates at the center of what we do. The six strategies in The Innovation Mentality elevate and strengthen our core values by reinforcing the importance of creating environments where authenticity is encouraged and deeply valued.”

Gisel Ruiz

Executive Vice President, International People Division at Walmart

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