the innovation mentality book

The Innovation Mentality

Six Strategies to Disrupt the Status Quo and Reinvent the Way We Work

In this insightful yet practical book, Glenn Llopis delivers an in-depth look at the alarming leadership identity crisis plaguing today’s businesses and what it really means to be a leader in any company and industry today. To break free of this crisis, leaders must take ownership of a new mindset – The Innovation Mentality – and implement six essential strategies designed to disrupt the status quo, reinvent the way they work, and leverage the full potential of their workplace cultures, employees, teams, partnerships, and client and consumer relationships.

earning serendipity book

Earning Serendipity

4 Skills for Creating and Sustaining Good Fortune in Your Work

For some people, success seems fated or shrouded in mystery. But in Earning Serendipity, Glenn Llopis shows that most positive changes in fortune – in careers or in corporate ventures – are no mystery at all. We all have control over the path to prosperity. Progression along that path is the result of a rare combination of skills that readers can develop and apply in their careers, businesses, and lives. 

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