Most leaders think they embrace differences.

GLLG surveyed 12,000+ senior executives. Of these, 81% believed they “always” embrace diversity of thought in the workplace and encourage their employees to share their own ideas. Yet only 73% said they are “sometimes” vulnerable with their employees. 

In stark contrast, 69% of the people these executives lead say they “sometimes” share the unique ways their values influence how they think.

We help leaders and employees align their identities to influence the business:

Discover their authentic leadership identities to influence others 

Rebuild trust in the workplace to maximize organizational potential and drive growth

Shape employees who can impact business growth and innovation

Maximize team performance by truly fostering an inclusive organizational culture

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What are you solving for?

An Inc. Magazine Top 100 Business Speaker and Thinker, Glenn Llopis doesn’t offer “off the shelf” leadership development keynotes. He works closely with clients to define the most relevant topics in corporate leadership and how GLLG can address them for your team. From Rebuilding Trust to Preparing Leaders for the Cultural Demographic Shift, Glenn has delivered thousands of keynotes to Fortune 500 and mid-market organizations.

  • Learn What You Are Solving For
  • Apply The Innovation Mentality Framework
  • Reap Enterprise-Wide Benefits
laura chapa

“After the presentation, I was sold. I heard nothing but great feedback from the participants on the value of Mr. Llopis’ presentation and what he had to say about The Innovation Mentality and the power of being our most authentic selves. I truly appreciate Mr. Llopis taking the time and listening to us after the presentation and while attending dinner.”

Laura Kathryn Chapa

Vice President - Bank of America

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Creating Inclusive Leaders by Transforming How They Influence Others

These two-part, high-impact, interactive leadership programs are delivered at the location of your choice.

  • Take the Assessments
  • Engage in One-on-One Interviews with Glenn Llopis
  • Experience a Customized Onsite Workshop
william sterling

“Because of GLLG's teachings, we, as a team of Senior Directors, were able to accept the departure of our admired and respected VP with a transition of ease because we now have the understanding to develop and leverage our leadership identity to build momentum and create more influence. There was a belief among us that without employing GLLG's methodology, this transition may have been met with chaos and uncertainty.”

William Sterling

Senior Director - CVS Health

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Personalized Approach to Strengthen Organizational Leadership

Our personalized Executive Coaching will strengthen leadership skills and help people make progress toward specific performance goals and organizational leadership requirements. We provide customized tools to help executives access their inherent leadership qualities and apply what they’ve learned throughout the organization.

  • Comprehensive 360 Feedback
  • Self-Directed Behavior Changes
  • Personalized Tools and Resources
jody berenguer leadership

“I’m amazed at how my mindset has changed. I’ve built confidence in knowing who I am as a leader and influencer, what I bring to the table and how to communicate my strengths to others. Transformational experience. “

Jody Berenguer

Sourcing Director Jewelry & Accessories - Target Corporation

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