Creating Inclusive Leaders by Transforming How They Influence Others

These two-part, high-impact, interactive leadership programs are delivered at the location of your choice.


Take the Assessments

Take the first steps toward discovering your leadership identity using GLLG’s proprietary assessments, content, and pre-training assignments. Together, they create a measure of the individual’s (and the workplace culture’s) ability to create and sustain business growth opportunities.


Engage in One-on-One Interviews with Glenn Llopis

Experience a high-impact coaching session with Glenn Llopis based on your assessments and pre-work results. You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of how to maximize your full leadership potential to influence the individuals or groups you serve.


Experience a Customized Onsite Workshop

Participate in a customized two-day program designed to support specific business goals and leadership performance requirements. Curriculum and content design combine interactive experience with real-world workplace scenarios to help all participants discover their leadership identity and be more inclusive at work.

william sterling

“Because of GLLG's teachings, we, as a team of Senior Directors, were able to accept the departure of our admired and respected VP with a transition of ease because we now have the understanding to develop and leverage our leadership identity to build momentum and create more influence. There was a belief among us that without employing GLLG's methodology, this transition may have been met with chaos and uncertainty.”

William Sterling

Senior Director - CVS Health

Navigating Uncertainty Summit October 14 | Clemson University