Every High Performance Team Excels in Opportunity Management

By Glenn Llopis

Team Management

Are you looking to develop a high performance team? Learn how to create an opportunity management system that will allow your team to take advantage of all promising opportunities.

Every High Performance Team Excels in Opportunity Management

Nearly every high-performance team excels in opportunity management. They continuously scan their environment for new opportunities to grow and improve. And when they identify an opportunity, they move quickly to take advantage of it. By doing so, they are able to stay ahead of the competition and maintain their top-performing status. If you're looking to create a high performance team, it's important to focus on opportunity management.

Do you know how to measure your team’s ability to act on the most promising opportunities? Take this free leadership assessment test and find out. Opportunities are not only found in creating something new. They are often born from evolving something that already exists.

Take a look at your team and figure out which members are best suited for taking on new tasks. If you have employees who aren't as productive, use their skill sets to identify opportunities that they can help incubate into successful initiatives while also providing them with an opportunity of promotion or even growth within the company if performed correctly!

What is opportunity management and why is it important for high performance teams?

Opportunity management is the ability of a team to identify and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Every high performance team excels in opportunity management. By creating a process for identifying and taking advantage of opportunities, you can ensure that your team reaches its full potential. In this article, we'll discuss how opportunity management works and provide tips for implementing it on your own team.

Examples of how opportunity management has helped high performance teams achieve success. Here are 3 characteristics of high performance teams:

A High Performance Team Recognizes Opportunities Inside the Box

How often are your team’s best ideas not from an original thought? The answer may surprise you- they come after someone else has already invented something! The first step leaders and organizations must take to start solving for the right growth opportunities is by focusing on reinvention. This includes a focus on finding new ways of doing things, rather than simply striving towards unrealistic goals or ideas that have already been done before."

We see this happening all around us on a smaller scale: companies re-purpose old wood for picture frames or advertisers finding new ways to present sponsored content. Why can’t we do this with everything and everyone by helping old conversations evolve and bringing everyone into the conversation?

When we talk about “change,” people feel like they are part of the problem. When we talk about “evolution,” they feel like they are part of and influence the solution. That’s how you rebuild trust – the foundation for reinvention.

A High Performance Team Knows Which Opportunities are Most Promising

It's no secret that a high-performing team is always on the lookout for new opportunities. But not all opportunities are created equal - some offer more potential than others. So how do you know which ones to pursue? And once you've identified a promising opportunity, what's the best way to go about pursuing it?

One way to do that: know who you solve for – not just what you sell.

A client recently asked me how his business could sell more to multicultural consumers. I told him he would never know if he kept asking the wrong question and thus solving for the wrong opportunity. The question my client needed to ask was: Who are multicultural consumers? How can I learn about them from them directly? What do they need? How can I better serve those needs?

This leads right into the last point.

A High Performance Team Acts On Those Promising Opportunities

A high-performance team is always on the lookout for opportunities to improve and grow. When they see a promising opportunity, they take action right away. They act because they’re focused on the individual, not the business. This type of team is proactive, flexible, and always learning. If you want your team to reach their highest potential, it's important to create an environment that supports innovation and growth. Encourage your team to explore new opportunities, and be rewarded for taking risks.

I was watching the original Miracle on 34th Street and I leaned in as the Macy's Santa ignores a corporate directive and sends a customer to rival Gimbel’s to find a toy she needs. When the customer tells the manager that Macy’s has earned a loyal customer, Macy’s turns this act into a new policy: If we don’t have it, we’ll help you find someone who does.


It is important to remember that people are different. They want to express their individuality and be part of something special. This is where the opportunity for high performance teams comes in. When a team establishes the mindset of acting on those opportunities right in front of them, it can capitalize on many promising opportunities. A High performance teams establish the mindset of acting on those opportunities right in front of them.

Measuring your team’s ability to act on the most promising opportunities should give you an idea of how well they are performing in this essential task. What strategies have you put into place to capitalize on the uniqueness of your team members? Measure your team’s ability to act on the most promising opportunities.