Looking For An Effective Employee Engagement Framework? It’s Opportunity Management

By Glenn Llopis

Employee Engagement

When employees feel like they have opportunities to grow and contribute, they are more likely to be engaged in their work. Learn how opportunity management can help your organization create a highly engaged workforce.

Looking For An Effective Employee Engagement Framework? It’s Opportunity Management

Employee engagement is a critical component of organizational success. When employees are engaged, they are more productive and motivated. They take greater ownership of their work and contribute more to the organization.

Organizations that want to create a highly engaged workforce should consider implementing an opportunity management framework. Opportunity management is an effective employee engagement framework that focuses on providing employees with opportunities to learn and grow, make a contribution, and feel connected to the organization. In this article, we will explore what opportunity management is and how it can be used to engage employees. We will also discuss some of the benefits of opportunity management for organizations and employees. Finally, we will provide tips for implementing an opportunity management framework in your organization. So let's get started!

Understanding the business case for opportunity management

In a world where everything has changed, people are scared and losing hope. It's no secret that organizations across all sectors are struggling. From education and healthcare to corporate business, it seems like there is an issue with recruiting new talent or retaining existing employees. Organizations will continue to struggle as long as they cannot effectively manage people. It's also critical that these organizations activate their existing workforce, so every person has a sense of belonging.

We live in a world of perpetual uncertainty, and that can be scary. But it doesn’t have to be debilitating. In fact, it’s an opportunity for those who see it and sow it.

Most companies are not prepared to thrive in a future with so many question marks, because most companies have not unleashed the individuality of their people. That’s one of the reasons so many employees are leaving their jobs. They feel stifled. Any employee engagement strategy that doesn’t address this will fail.

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Why Teaching People To Manage Opportunity Helps Them AND You

When we think about managing opportunity, most of us first think about how to manage our own. After all, it's what we can control that has the biggest impact on our success or failure. But what if teaching people how to manage opportunity also helped them? It turns out, it does - and it helps you too!

Nearly every company has included “innovation” as a core value. But at the same time, they reward reliability rather than risk. It’s common today for leaders to tell people: be innovative, don’t be afraid to fail, we want to hear your ideas.

But actions say the opposite. Here are more quotes from leaders:

  • “The message we hear is: ‘Fail fast. But DON’T fail!’”
  • “You don't get fired for sticking to the existing process. You get fired for trying something new and not succeeding. That’s stifling.”
  • “What gets people promoted in a world of standardization is oftentimes detrimental to the skillsets, mindset and culture needed to successfully innovate.”

That’s why employees do not feel engaged.

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Applying Opportunity Management As Employee Engagement Framework

Employee engagement has always been a topic of great importance, but it has taken on new urgency in recent years. As the workforce has become increasingly diverse, organizations have been striving to create cultures that are inclusive and welcoming to all. At the same time, leadership teams have been focused on discovering new ways to engage and motivate employees.

One framework that has shown promise in these areas is opportunity management. Opportunity management is a process for identifying, developing, and pursuing opportunities that align with an organization's strategic objectives. By taking an opportunity management approach to employee engagement, organizations can create a culture of inclusion and opportunity that will energize and motivate employees.

When we fear making a mistake more than we fear missing out on an opportunity, we hold ourselves back. Change becomes something to fear rather than an opportunity to stretch ourselves. That is not a recipe for thriving in a future of perpetual uncertainty. And it’s not a recipe to make employees feel engaged. Instead, start prioritizing opportunity management as a skill to be learned, practiced and mastered.

Engagement is not about getting people excited about what they’re already doing. It’s giving them the tools and setting them free to see, sow, grow and share new opportunities.

Those are the four skills of opportunity management. People want to do more. Teaching these four skills shows them how to do more. And it shows them that they are free to do more. Maybe they’ll stay and do more with you.


Opportunity management is an effective employee engagement framework because it helps employees understand the business case for taking action on opportunities. When employees are able to take action on the most promising opportunities, they are more engaged in their work and you are more likely to see improved performance and results. Measuring your team’s ability to act on the most promising opportunities is a good way to assess how well they are applying opportunity management as an employee engagement framework. Are there areas where your team could improve? How can you help them do better?

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