Why Opportunity Management is Critical for Advancing Your Career

By Glenn Llopis

Opportunity Management

The real secret to career advancement isn't luck; it's opportunity management. Here's how you can get the edge on your competition.

Why Opportunity Management is Critical for Advancing Your Career

It's no secret that career advancement depends largely on opportunity. However, many people don't fully understand the role opportunity management plays in their careers. It may seem like luck is key in achieving success, but really opportunity management is all about making your own luck by putting yourself in the right place at the right time. And with the right tools in your arsenal, you can dramatically increase your chances of advancing your career. So, what is opportunity management, and how can you start using it today? Read on to find out.

What is opportunity management and why is it important for your career advancement

The ability to identify and seize opportunities is the single most important factor in your career success. My dad used a saying that I'll never forget, “opportunities are everywhere - but few have eyes to see them."

Opportunity mastery is the biggest driver of success in your career:

  • As an individual: Knowing how to see and seize the right opportunities builds momentum quicker than any other factor.
  • As a leader: Prioritizing this skill for your employees will create a high performance team.

Example of how to use opportunity management to advance your career

Consider this: A middle manager steps off the corporate track to launch an online venture with a close friend. With a little money and a lot of heart, the two succeed in putting their business on the map in the first year.

The business multiplies exponentially the following year and is featured in two major publications. In the third year, this once-small venture gets a large offer from a Web-based giant.

The acquisition opens doors to a host of new business opportunities. It also initiates requests for both partners to consult for large organizations on how to differentiate Web presence, and for small organizations on how to establish Web presence. The former middle manager also receives a sizable advance for a forthcoming book.

Three years earlier, he was a middle manager with a predictable paycheck and an inside track to a corner office in 10 years. Perhaps not a bad career path, but certainly not what it could be.

With one opportunity seen and seized rightly, he enlarged the field before him and changed his fortune forever.

The same is available to you and your team. You must only learn to see, sow, grow and share opportunities. That’s opportunity management.

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The significance and impact of your career has more to do with the momentum of opportunities you pursue than anything else.

Are you looking for ways to advance your career? If so, opportunity management is a critical skill that you need to develop. By learning how to identify and take advantage of opportunities, you can open up new possibilities for yourself and your career. Discover your ability for opportunity management by taking this free assessment.