What Causes a Leadership Identity Crisis?

Most leaders don’t understand the true meaning of diversity of thought or the strategic implications of transparent conversations. Ideally, leaders would be vulnerable enough and wise enough to accept that they don’t have all the answers. But according to GLLG’s Diversity of Thought Assessment taken by 12,000+ senior executives, this is exactly what is not happening.

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Identity Crises

People work in assimilation mode

They lack clarity of what they solve for and can only deliver on what they are told to do inside the box they are given. The business defines them.

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Personal Brand

People know what they solve for

Co-workers and the organization know what to expect from their performance and contributions.

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Leadership Identity

People know their influence and distinction as a leader

They are authentic and vulnerable at work and influence the evolution of the business. The individual defines the business.

Employees need a safe environment where no one is judged in order to be their most authentic selves.

GLLG Asked:

Are you providing that kind of safe environment?

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Leaders aren't listening to their people, and they don't understand that RESPECT is more important than RECOGNITION.

Productivity grows when teams evolve together.

GLLG Asked:

Are you mindful of your employees’ and/or colleagues’ unique differences?

Leaders and employees

Teams and employees are siloed and conflicted.

Don’t just read about the leadership identity crises affecting our organizations – solve them!

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