Find Balance Between Standardization and Personalization

Most organizations and leaders say they want to empower people to contribute at their fullest capacity. Employees and consumers are prouder of their individuality and seek influence, a sense of contribution, and purpose like never before. This assessment was designed to identify if you are stuck in standardization and how you can find your way out, to lead more effectively in this Age of Personalization.


Take the Assessment

Administered through the GLLG Client Portal, GLLG’s team will create individual dashboards for easy access of the assessment. Each participant will receive a welcome invitation email where they will be given individual access to their own account.


Receive a Custom Report

Once all the data from the assessments are collected, the GLLG team will provide a complete customized report including group summaries and individual reports that will serve as a resource to measure the team’s openness to diversity of thought – an essential metric to accelerate innovation in your workplace.


Allow Data to influence your Future

Report findings will define the current mindset and individual and group opportunity development gaps. Trust the numbers and embrace the unique differences in your people as opportunities previously unseen. Introduce new ways to accelerate innovation in their workplace activities.

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