Measure your Organization’s Readiness to Lead Inclusion as a Growth Strategy

This assessment is designed to measure an organization's readiness to lead inclusion as a growth strategy by identifying where suppression is unknowingly embedded within operational protocols, systems, and procedures that don't account for inclusive working. It measures 23 key indicators in four critical areas: Enterprise Leadership; Workforce Representation; Consumer Experience; and Health and Well-being.


Take the Assessment

Administered through the GLLG Client Portal, GLLG’s team will create individual dashboards for easy access of the assessment. Each participant will receive a welcome invitation email where they will be given individual access to their own account.


Receive a Custom Report

Once all the data from the assessments are collected, the GLLG team will provide a complete customized report including group summaries and individual reports that will serve as a resource to measure the enterprise-wide performance metrics that are represented in four core areas required to lead inclusion as a growth strategy.


Allow Data to influence your Future

Share the results with department leaders across the enterprise and with colleagues who share your commitment to making your organization ready for the Cultural Demographic Shift (CDS) in order to lead inclusion as a growth strategy. You will be able to identify actions you can take to make progress in the four core areas. 

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